09/06/2022 - Q&A about removing the upper limit on a total of 7 group chats for the Free Plan


Do I have something to do before releasing this change?

After the system was updated on October 6, 2022 (planned), the limit on group chat will be abolished automatically. Please update the mobile app to the latest version. 

Also, on the same day, access will be limited to the latest 5,000 messages posted in the last 40 days. If you have important messages before that, please keep them separate.



What kind of messages are included in the accessible latest 5,000 messages?

The target of the message counts is My Chat, direct chat, and group chat messages that can be accessed by users within the same organization.



I want to know the timing that the accessible message is limited to read

It does not mean that you will not be able to access it immediately even if the message becomes the restricted target. Message access restriction process daily when the date is changed.
* It is difficult to disclose the exact time the process will take place



Delete the limited messages?

The message is not deleted.
Paid plan users are given full-access to restricted messages.



When the message is limited to access, delete the images and files added to the message?

No files are deleted.
Free Plan users will not be able to access the limited messages, but can access the images and files from the file management.



When the paid users and the Free Plan users are included in the same group chat, what happens to the group chat?

Paid plan users are allowed full-access to all messages, with no restriction.
Free Plan users are limited to the latest 5,000 messages posted in the last 40 days.



How can I access the limited messages?

If you are a Free Plan user, message access will be restricted, but the paid user can get the full-access to all messages. Please consider upgrading.