What are the restrictions of the Free Plan?

The Free Plan has some restrictions on usage in areas such as the browsing of past messages, and in available storage space.

There are no restrictions in areas such as participation in group chats, adding contacts, or the browsing of files and tasks.


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Restrictions on the Viewing of Messages

Access to the past 40 days and 5,000 messages per organization


* Count messages accessible to at least one user in your organization, also that includes My Chat and communication with other organizations
* The accessible messages are defined for the organization, so this does not differ for each user
* Full-access to files and tasks is possible, as same as before
* All past messages are saved, so you can get the full-access to all messages by upgrading to the paid plan


Storage Limits

Storage is limited to 5 GB per organization.
Storage capacity cannot be increased.


Restrictions on Bookmarks

Bookmarks on messages that have become restricted cannot be viewed or removed.
They can be viewed after upgrading from the Free Plan.


Limit on Number of Participants in Video Calls

Video calls may only have two participants. Please note that if more than two users join, the call will automatically switch to a voice call.


Restrictions on the Display of Ads

Ads are displayed on the bottom right corner of the chat screen.
As ads cannot be hidden with the Free Plan, please consider upgrading your plan if you would like the ads to be hidden.


Restrictions on Advanced Message Search

Advanced message search (word exclusion, from user, and by date) cannot be selected. These can be used after upgrading from the Free Plan.
(Advanced search is available only on desktop web. It is not available in the mobile app.)


Limits on User Management Features

The following restrictions apply to user management functions on the Free Plan.

User limit Can register up to 100 people.
Add and delete users Admins have the ability to add and delete.
User info changes Not available with the Free Plan.
Batch importing for user registration Not available with the Free Plan.
Export user info Not available with the Free Plan.
Team feature Available to use.
API utilization Available to use.
Auto-approval for contacts Contacts are added automatically if within the same organization.
Admin privileges

Only admin privileges can be enabled.
*There are no user admin privileges, and other users cannot be given admin privileges either.


Upgrade Restrictions

In the case of organizations with more than one user registered, upgrades can only be done for all users at once.
Upgrades for only a group of users cannot be done.
If an upgrade is required, the administrator can upgrade the organization's plan.
A portion of an organization's users cannot be added to an existing business plan.