01/26/2017 - Chatwork API Update Notice

We have an update to the ChatWork API which is used for collaboration with external services.
We would like to inform you about the newly added features and changes in this new version.

Table of Contentes:


Added contact approval request API

An endpoint to access information regarding "contact approval request" has been added to the new API.

You can make the following requests related to "contact approval request" in the new API. Please try out these new features.

  • Get the list of contact approval requests you received
  • Approve a contact approval request you received
  • Decline a contact approval request you received

Please refer to "ChatWork API Documentation" for endpoint specifications.


Details of the new API and future support of the old API

The version of ChatWork API will change from v1 to v2.
Please note the following specification changes in v2.

Changes due to the update:

- Base URI of the endpoint
Base URI of the endpoint will be changed.
https://api.chatwork.com/v1 → https://api.chatwork.com/v2

- Data type of message_id
The data type of message_id in the API response will change from integer to string.

To support the growth of messages to be handled, we changed the data type of message_id from Int which can’t exceed 2147483647 to String which will represent a 64 bit integer.

If you are currently using an endpoint including message_id, please be careful how you handle them in database and programs.

[Response Example]


"message_id": 12345


"message_id": "123456789123456789"

[Endpoint which includes message_id in the respnse]

  • GET /my/tasks
  • GET /rooms/{room_id}/messages
  • POST /rooms/{room_id}/messages
  • GET /rooms/{room_id}/messages/{message_id}
  • GET /rooms/{room_id}/tasks
  • GET /rooms/{room_id}/tasks/{task_id}
  • GET /rooms/{room_id}/files
  • GET /rooms/{room_id}/files/{file_id}


Transition period

As transition period from v1 to v2, you can continue to use v1 until the following date.

v1 Termination Date:May 15, 2017

Since v1 will not be accessible after the above termination date, please move to v2 as soon as possible if you are currently using ChatWork API.


If you have any questions regarding this case, please contact us from the inquiry page below.

ChatWork Support