Mute group chats

By muting a group chat, you will not be notified of unread messages for that group chat.
Once you muted, the unread badge for the muted chat will never be appeared.

Here is how to mute a group

  1. Open a group that you want to mute.

  2. Click  "Group Chat Setting" under the gear icon.


  3. Click in the checkbox for ”Mute this group chat” under the “Mute” tab.


  4. Click “Save”.
* My Chat and Direct Chats are unable to mute.
* You will be notified when you are mentioned or tasks are assigned to you in the muted chat.


Check muted group chats list

Here is how to check the list of muted group chats.

  1. Click “Category” icon on the Chat List, and click “Muted Chats”.


  2. All the muted chats will be appeared in the chat list.