12/07/2022- [IMPORTANT] Please confirm your login email address

This is a notice for customers who could not receive the Important Notice email sent from Chatwork between September and October 2022 due to an error. For the affected customers, a notification dialog will be displayed when they log in to Chatwork.

If you cannot receive the email, you will not be able to use important functions such as password change, etc. Please check the following steps to change your email address or settings.



Change your login email address

Please refer Set/Change your email address to change your login email address to an email address that you can receive.

We kindly recommend you to change email address to a webmail (Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.).



(For Business plans only) Ask your administrator to change your login email address

For Business plans, please contact your organization administrator (or someone with the user administrative permissions) to change your login email address.



Accept sender email addresses

Please accept the following sender email addresses if you have any filtering in your email system:

  • noreply@chatwork.com
  • info@support.chatwork.com


Check rejection settings

If you are using a mobile carrier email address, please check your setting to verify it is accepting emails from PCs.