04/18/2023 - Notice of Price Revision for Business Plan

We would like to inform you that the Business Plan will be revised starting from July 3, 2023 (Monday).


Price Revision Details

Chatwork, as an essential communication infrastructure for your business, is used by over 386,000 companies (as of the end of December 2022).

We have decided to revise our price to further improve service quality.

In the face of rapidly changing social conditions, we will continue to strive for a stronger operating foundation and expand our infrastructure for feature development to provide stable, secure, and reliable services.

We will continue to aim for a communication infrastructure service that enables diverse workstyles in pursuit of our vision to "Bring a step ahead workstyle to everyone."

We kindly ask for your understanding and support.


Applicable Customers

Customers with Chatwork Business Plan

*KDDI Chatwork is not applicable


Revision Date

Scheduled for July 3, 2023 (Monday)


Revision Contents


*Note: Currency is US Dollar.

For customers currently subscribed to the Business Plan

The new prices will apply from the contract renewal date after the revision date.

You can check the next contract renewal date by accessing the "Service plan" page from the account of your organization's administrator and checking the "Next Renewal Date."


For customers in trial, considering trial, or considering new contracts

If the official contract start date for the Business Plan is after the revision date, the new prices will apply. If you want to start using the service with the current prices, please complete the official contract before the revision date.


Please check the following for the Q&A regarding the usage price revision for the Business Plan.
April 18, 2023 - Q&A on the usage price revision for Business Plan