About the Invite User Feature

The Invite User feature allows you to invite a non-user (a person who is not yet using Chatwork) to join your organization by having them send you a membership request.

Inviting Users


Sending Invitation Links

The administrator or user administrator can send an invitation link by clicking on "Invite Users" on the Admin Settings screen.
Share the invitation link with the people you want to invite and ask them to join using the membership application form accessible from the invitation link.
*The invitation link will be different for each user.
*Not available for those using a SAML-based single sign-on.

Approving Membership Request Forms

When the invitee submits the membership request form, the administrator and the user administrator who issued the invitation link receive an email requesting approval of the request.
You can view the list of users awaiting approval by clicking "Approve Membership Request" in the Admin Settings screen.
After reviewing the content, click the Approve button for the relevant user to process the membership request.
Once approved, the applicant will receive an email notifying them that their request has been approved and they are ready to get started.
Subject: [Chatwork] Getting Started
*Rejected applicants will also be notified of their rejection.

Deleting Invitation Links

If you want to disable an invitation link you issued, you can delete it from "Invite User" in the Admin Settings screen.
*Please note that you can reissue the invitation link, but the URL will be different.

Checking the Request Approval History

You can check your history of approving/rejecting membership requests from "Membership Request Approval History" on the Admin Settings screen.
If you receive a membership request confirmation email, but nothing appears when you access "Approve Membership Request", please check the history. Another administrator or applicant may have already approved the user.