User Invitation Feature: Instructions for Application for Joining

  1. Open the invitation link shared by the inviter.
  2. You will see the organization membership application form (page for entering your email address). Enter the email address you want to register and click the "Start Application" button.
    *You cannot use an email address that is already in use with Chatwork. If you would like to join with an email address already in use, please inform the inviter of that email address.
  3. You will receive a link to the organization membership application form (page for entering required information) at the email address you entered.
    Subject: [Chatwork] Information on requesting to join an organization
    Access the link, enter your name and password, review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and click the "Agree and Apply" button.
  4. A notification email has been sent to the inviter that an application for membership has been submitted, please wait for approval.
    *If you would like to expedite the approval process, please inform the inviter that you have completed the application.
  5. When the inviter approves the application, you will receive a notification of approval at the email address you provided. You can start using the service with the password you set in Step 3.
    Subject: [Chatwork] Getting Started with Chatwork