I'm not receiving an email about my request to join a group

Chatwork requires email verification when you submit a request to join a group. An email with the following subject will be sent to the email address you used when signing up for Chatwork.

Subject: [Chatwork] Information on requesting to join an organization

If you have not received such an email, please refer to the following.

Table of contents


Common issues

It may take several minutes before you receive the email.
Please check your junk mail folder to see if emails from Chatwork are being sent there.
If you are using a mobile carrier email address and have not received the email, please change your login email address to a PC email address, or other email address, and try again.
Change your login email address or name


Accept sender email address

If you have configured your email permissions or your email settings to receive email from approved senders, please add the following email address as an approved sender (whitelist).

Check the format of your email address

Emails with the following formats cannot be used to receive emails from Chatwork. Please register a new email address.

  • Email addresses with a period immediately before the @ sign (example: abc.@example.co.jp)
  • Email addresses with consecutive periods before the @ sign (example: a..bc@example.co.jp)
  • Email addresses beginning with a period (example: .abc@example.co.jp)


Check your incoming email settings (mobile carrier email address)

If you are using a mobile carrier email address:
(1) check if your email settings are configured to reject emails from PC email addresses, and if you have configured your email whitelist;
(2) if your spoofing setting level is set to "high," you may be unable to receive emails from Chatwork. Try lowering your spoofing setting level and try again.


Check your incoming email settings (Gmail)

If your inbox is divided into multiple tabs, check if the email has been sent to a tab other than the "primary" tab.
※ If you are using the Gmail mobile app, tap "≡" on the top left to access your tabs.

If the email has been sent to a tab other than the "primary" tab
Follow the below steps to receive Chatwork emails in the "primary" tab.

1) Drag a Chatwork email from the screen and drop it on the "primary" tab.
2) Click "yes" when prompted if you would like to move future messages from *** to the "primary" tab.

Contact us

if none of the above solutions work, your email address may have been temporarily added to our unsubscribe list for some reason.
We will check the subscription status of your email address, so please contact us using the contact form below with your email address.