06/30/2023 - Q&A regarding Mobile App Login Screen Renewal

The login screen will be renewed on the mobile apps together with the new version scheduled to be released in late July 2023. This page contains Q&A regarding the renewal of the login screen.


Table of contents

Forget login email address or password

Please refer to the following help pages.

My organization has configured SSO, where can I login?

Even if your organization has configured single sign-on, after updating the application, you can simply login by entering your e-mail address on the login screen, and then, the IdP login screen will automatically appear on the next screen.

The same applies if your organization has set up a dedicated login URL, you do not need to enter the URL.

Why does a confirmation dialog appear when displaying the login screen?

This dialog is displayed due to iOS specifications. Please tap "Continue" to proceed to the login screen.


Entered email address, then the error message “Email is not valid” is displayed

Please make sure you entered the correct email address. If the error message is displayed even if you entered the correct email address, there might be an issue with your email address. The following special forms of email addresses will no longer be available.

Patterns of unavailable email addresses:

  • abc..def@chatwork.com - contains consecutive dots
  • .abcdef@chatwork.com - the first character is dot
  • abcdef.@chatwork.com - dot just before @

In this case, please contact us using the "Contact Us" form.