Elements of Chatwork's screen

Elements of Chatwork's screen

[1]Chat overview

The area in which a list of the chats you are currently participating in, including Mychat, is displayed.


The area in which messages are input and viewed.
Note that, from top to bottom, messages are displayed chronologically.

-Type/edit/delete messages
-Reply/Quote messages

To increase the width of this area, click "" or "" which are located to the side of the message input field. By doing so, it is possible to hide the chat list and chat detail areas.
Areas can be made visible again by repeating this action.

Hide the left window.
Hide the right window.
Hide both windows.

[3]Chat detail

Chat outlines and members who are currently participating in group chat are displayed in this area.


This is the area related to tasks. You can add tasks and check the current status of your tasks as well as the tasks of members.

-Assigning/editing/deleting tasks
-Complete task