Adding contacts

Adding contacts

You can add other ChatWork users as contacts.
Registering each other as contacts allows you to invite each other to group chats.
You can open the contact management screen through either of the following methods:

  • Click [╋] in the upper left corner of the chat window and select [Add Contact].


  • Click on "Manage Contacts" at the top of the chat screen.


Searching Registered Users

Click on "╋" on the upper left corner of the chat window and then "Add Contact" to open "Manage Contacts".
Go to the "Search Users" tab and search for a user.
Enter the name, Chatwork ID, or email address of the user you wish to add and
click the "Search" button to display the search results on the same screen.

e.g. If you enter "abc" the following search results will be displayed:
Click the "Add to Contacts" button to submit a Contact request.

Invite via Email

You can go to the "Invite Users" tab to send invitations via email.
Enter your message, and it will appear in the invitation email. (optional)
You can also send bulk invitations through either of the following two methods:

  • Click "Add Invitee Email Address" to create an additional field for entering an email address.
    This will allow you to add multiple addresses.
  • Click "Bulk Add" to display a screen for entering emails in bulk.
    This will allow you to enter multiple addresses separated by a new line.

You can email invitations to those who have not yet registered with
Chatwork or those who have registered with Chatwork but have not added you as a contact.

*Cannot be sent to users already added as contacts.


Inviting with a shared link

You can send a contact request by opening the [Invite and connect] tab, copying the link from [Share link and invite], and sharing this with your desired contact.

For more details, please refer to "Inviting with a shared link."



Please note that the number of users and the number of contacts are defined differently.
The "number of users" in the organization contract refers to the users managed under the
organization contract.

Please see the following services that offer other means of connecting:
Find Chatwork users you know by searching their contact information