Assigning/editing/deleting tasks

Assigning tasks

Enter the task in the right column, select assignee and due date, and click "Add Task".

To select an assignee, click the "+" button to browse the group chat memeber.
You can also select multiple memebers, or select all.

To set the due date, click the calendar icon and select the date.
Today's date is selected by default. You can delete the assignee or due date by clicking the "X" button.

Editing tasks

When you click the pencil icon in the task list, you will be able to edit the tast, assignee, and due date. You can also edit your tasks from the task list page.

Deleting tasks

When you click the trash can icon, you will be notified whether you really want to delete the task. Please keep in mind that users that have been assigned tasks are able to delete their tasks as well.

If you wish to delete a task which is assigned to multiple users, jump to the original message and select to delete the entire task.