How do I upgrade to the Business Plan?

Using the Business Plan initially requires the account holder (manager) to apply for the Business Plan. Then users can be invited through the plan's management system.


Upgrade Procedure

First, please have those who will become managers upgrade to the Business Plan.
Click your name in the right-upper area of the login screen and open [Admin Settings].
From [Change Plan] click [Upgrade] for Business Plan in lower area of the plan comparison list.


Choose which Business Plan you will use and click [Go to payment page].
After entering your Paypal account information, the application and upgrade is complete.
Please consult the "Add/delete users" for adding users.

The Business Plan Features

・Usage fee is paid entirely by the manager.
Users cannot individually pay.

・Managers can manage all users at once.
With the "User management" feature, managers can add or delete multiple users.

・Contact approval not needed among users.
Contact approval automatically occurs among newly added users and users already registered in the same Business Plan. For corporations, no time is wasted on contact requests when new users increase.

・Present data can be used on the spot.
After upgrading to the Business Plan, present data can be used on the spot.
In the same way, users can pass around data while using ChatWork.

・Multiple individuals can possess user management functions, but only one is able to make payments.

・Invited users already using ChatWork can use handed over data as it is.