Is Chatwork secure?

Chatwork's security standards make it suitable for all types of organizations from small to medium-sized enterprises to large companies to government agencies.

From the time the service begins all of your communications, including chatting and task management, file transfer are considered a top priority and are encrypted with SSL so that you can exchange even important information safely.

Chatwork selects the most powerful encryption method supported by your browser for its encryption algorithm.

*SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer.
It is a structure widely used with Web pages that offer online payment to encrypt communications and prevent spying and tampering.

U.S. based Amazon.com manages Chatwork's data.
The data is stored within the world's most advanced security system.
It is always distributed among multiple servers which are each installed in specialized compartments and connected to physically different power sources and networks. The data is managed keeping redundancy and fault tolerance in mind.

Businesses as well as individuals can put Chatwork to good use, securely.