Setting up and editing Chatwork ID

What is Chatwork ID?

ChatWork ID is a unique identifier within ChatWork, which makes it easy to add someone to your contact list.

How to setup Chatwork ID

Click your profile icon on the top right corner, and select Profile. Click "Edit profiles" to claim your Chatwork ID.





Please make sure you click save to claim your Chatwork ID.


If you allow others to search by your Chatwork ID, they can easily find you in search results. You can also post your Chatwork ID on your business cards and profile pages so others can easily identify you. When you belong to a certain organization, creating routines for account names may help in managing multiple accounts. For example, "Chatwork_Ishii" will give you a better idea which organization someone belongs to.

Displaying Chatwork ID

There are 3 places where Chatwork ID will be displayed.

1. When the profile pic has been clicked


2. Search results

3. Profile pages


Clicking Chatwork ID

[Clicking other users]
You can easily check whether the user is in your contact list. If not, you can send invites directly from this page.

Already in your contact list:


If not in your contact list:



[Clicking your Chatwork ID]
You can check your vanity URL. This will allow you to easily share your Chatwork ID, so others can easily find you on Chatwork.