Invite contacts to a group chat

Invite contacts to a group chat

You can easily invite contacts to a group chat by sharing an invitation link.
(You can invite people who are not in your contact or those who does not have ChatWork account)

  1. In order to invite contacts to group chat, click on the [ + ] icon on the upper right of the chat screen.


  2. Click the [Invitation Link] button to open the invitation link setting page. 

  3. Click the checkbox to create an invitaion link.
    You can edit the invitation link if you want. 

    If you select the checkbox next to the [Required approval], the group chat admin’s approval will be required to join the group chat.

  4. Click [Save] button to reflect the settings.

  5. Then, the [Invitation Link] will be appeared on the description box on the right side of chat screen.  


If you click the [Invitation link] on the description box, it opens the page as below.
Then, if you click [Join this group chat], you will be added to the group chat. (If the group chat requires for admin’s approval, a request will be sent to the admin)

We recommend to create [description of group chat] and a [cover photo]. It helps participants of the group chat to know what the group chat is about.

You can also open the invitation link setting page from [Chat settings] icon on the upper right of the chat screen > [Group Chat Setting] > [Iinvitation link]



Approving Members

When the "Requires confirmation from admin to join" setting is on, a notification like this will appear when there is a participation request.

If you click here, a dialogue will be displayed to approve or deny the request.
If you [ Accept ] the request, you can add that member to the chat.

Group Chat Permissions

If you put permissions in place, activity by non-administrator members of the chat can be restricted.

Go to [Chat settings] on the upper right of the chat screen, and click [Edit Admin Settings] to open the setting page.

Check the items that you want to change, and click [Save] to reflect it.

If you uncheck [Show group chat members],

the list of participants will not be displayed to those with "member" privileges and "readonly" users.

If you choose to hide the list of participants, you will not be notified when the administrator adds new members or deletes them.

If you uncheck [ Allow sending files ], only the administrator can send files.
If you uncheck [ Allow assigning tasks ], only the administrator can add tasks.
If you uncheck [ Allow sending messages ] you may make it so that no one can post but the administrator, making non-administrators read-only users.