Using keyboard shortcut

You can use keyboard shortcut keys associated with commonly used functions to operate ChatWork without smoothly and effectively even without a mouse. The shortcut keys are preset so the customer does not have to set it up.

Enter the function attached to each key on the ChatWork screen.
The list of keyboard shortcuts is as follows.

[ ↑ ] key or [ k ] key Select chat above
[ ↓ ] key or [ j ] key Select chat below
[ Enter ] key Open selected chat
[ Ctrl ] key + [ ← ] key Close or open chat list on the left
[ Ctrl ] key + [ → ] key Close or open chat information column on the right
[ g ] key Create a group chat
[ ESC ] key Cancel the cursor in the text input field
[ m ] key Move cursor to message input field
[ tab ] key Focus on the send button
[ t ] key Move cursor to task input field
[ c ] key Adding contacts
[ f ] key Move cursor to chat name search

* Customers may not customize the shortcut keys themselves.