Change settings for your profile picture

To use an image saved in your computer.

Refer to the following steps.

Click [Your name] in the upper right corner of the chat screen, then click [Profile] → [Edit profiles] on the displayed menu to open.



Click [Edit] of the profile picture in the upper left corner of the edit screen.


Click the drop down list [▼ Change]
and choose [Upload] to display the [Choose file] button.

Click the [Choose file] button and choose the image saved on your computer.
When you click the [Save] button, your icon will change.

- Images used for icons must be in the format of JPEG, GIF, or PNG and have a maximum size of 5MB.
- Currently, the smart phone app does not have the profile edit function.
- The uploaded image can be changed by following the same steps.
- The Profile can be opened from the popup screen that appears when the profile picture you clicked.
-Uploading an image that is too small will result in a grainy resolution, so we recommend using an image with an aspect ratio of 1:1 and a resolution of at least 380px.
- To return your profile image to the initial setting, download and use the following image.