Sharing files

You can post files by clicking the paper clip icon, or by dragging & dropping files into the group chat.
Each file must be under 5GB, and you can upload 20 files at once.

Please note that you can always purchase additional storage.

Basic Usage:

  1. Drag & drop the file you want to upload or select it from clip icon.


  2. Enter the file name and message content when the preview screen is displayed.


  3. Click "Send" to send the file.
[Selecting Multiple Files]
When you select multiple files, send screen will be displayed for each file.
If you wish to cancel sending a specific file, click the ""Cancel"" button for that file.
If you wish to cancel sending all files, click the ""x"" icon in the upper right corner."

*You may also send images by pasting the image from clipboard to message body (Chrome,Firefox).


If you see an error message that says "You are not able to download this file", it is most likely that someone who does not belong to the group chat is trying to download the file.
This happens when the link have been quoted into a different gorup chat, please invite the user in order to complete the download.