Change the storage capacity

Check your storage capacity

Open "Files" on the upper right corner of the chat screen,
and check your storage from "Red:Files" of the "Storage quota" at the bottom of the page.

Please note, the storage capacity "xx GB" for business plan is not per user, but the total capacity for the entire organization.
The amount uploaded by yourself and by other users can be confirmed.


Business plan administrator can check how much storage is being used by each use from the "User list" page of the admin settings screen.
However, you cannot check the type of file uploaded for security reasons.

By deleting users that are currently not being used, files are automatically deleted, allowing you to optimize your storage capacity.

Add more storage

For the business plan, additional storage may be purchased from the admin settings page.
Please note, users who are not administrators cannot purchase additional storage.
Also, storage cannot be added per user, but for the entire plan.