I'm not receiving any emails

If you are not receiving any emails from Chatwork, please check the following items.


1. Check junk mail folder

Please check your junk mail folder on your email system to see if emails from Chatwork are being sent there.

2. Check rejection settings

If you are using a mobile carrier email address, please check your setting to verify it is accepting emails from PCs.

3. Accept sender email addresses

Please accept the following sender email addresses if you have any filtering in your email system:

  • info@chat-work.com
  • info@chatwork.com
  • info@support.chatwork.com
  • noreply@kcw.kddi.ne.jp (for KDDI Chatwork)

4. Contact us

If none of the above solutions work, please contact us. We may have put you on the unsubscribed list temporary. We will check your status, so please contact support from the link below.

Chatwork Support