Setup device for ChatWork Live

Please follow the steps below to change the settings of devices (webcam, microphone) for ChatWork Live.

*This is only for people who are using ChatWork Live on Windows Chrome 64bit.

*Speakers need to be configured through your OS from system settings.
Windows:Control Panel > Sound > Playback
Mac: System Preferences > Sound > Output

On Chrome

1.Click the video icon located in the right area of the location bar.

2.Change device (webcam, microphone) settings while "Continue allowing www.chatwork.com to access your camera and microphone" is selected.

3.Click Finish.

4.Please refresh your browser for the changes to be reflected.

Setup should now be complete.

On Firefox

1.Click the video icon located in the left area of the location bar.

2.Click ▼next to "Continue sharing", and select "Stop sharing". 

3.Please refresh your browser.

4.Please select the camera and microphone you will be using then click "Share Selected Devices".

Setup should now be complete.