Business Plan - Additional User Charges

If you are on business plan with annual contract, you will have additional charge per added user on the next additional payment day which is the day of month you started your contract.

*This is for business plan with contract befor August 3, 2016.
*If you subscribed after August 4, 2016, please click the link below. 
License price for Business plan

Example: Contract started on 2016/04/15
If the contract was made on 04/15, the 15th of each month will be the payment day for additional charge.
*If there is no difference in number of registered users, there will be no additional charge.

*If you delete added users by the payment day, you will not be charged additional fees.
*You will not be refunded for deleting users, but you can re-add users up to the paid number of users without any additional charge.