License price for Business plan

License price

You will be charged for the following price per license.

Monthly Subscription Annual Subscription
$5 / month $50 / year


Adding license
If you added more licenses afterwards, you will be charged for a prorated amount based on the days remained in your monthly or annual subscription for those newly added account.


Charged amount: (License price × account active days ÷ calender days) × number of licenses

* “Active days” is from the day additional subscription is practiced to the next renewal day.
* ”Calender days” is the number of days in the month if you selected monthly subscription.
If you selected annual subscription, calender days is the number of days in the year.


Example of a prorated price based on the days

Additional Date: Aug 15, 2016
Renewal Date: Sep 1, 2016
Service Period: 17 days (Aug 15, 2016 - Sep 31, 2016)
Number of licenses: 5


In above case, the price will be prorated following below.


Monthly subscription

Charged amount: ($5 × 17days ÷ 31days) × 5 = $13.7

* Calender days are 31 days (total days in August)

Annual subscription

Charged amount: ($5 × 17days ÷ 366days) × 5 = $11.6

* Calender days are 366 days (total days in 2016)


Delete license

When you delete licenses, the deleted liceses will be deactivate on the day you deleted.
Please note that after confirming the deletes, cancellations and refunds for the remaining days will not apply.


*This page is only for those users who subscribed to our business plan after August 4, 2016. 
*If you subscribed before August 3, 2016, please click the link below. 
Business Plan - Additional User Charges