What is a Login Notification Email?

A Login Notification Email is a security feature for preventing unauthorized third-party access to your account. Whenever there is a login to your active Chatwork account from a new device or browser, you will get an email with the login details.

This function lets you quickly spot suspicious logins and promptly deal with any unauthorized access by third parties.

Who Does It Apply To?

All users

When is the notification sent?

You will receive a login notification by email when there is a login to your account from devices or browsers you don't typically use, including:

  • Logins from a new device (PC or mobile device)
  • Logins from a new browser
    • Logins from a browser you have never used before
    • Logins from a browser where cookies have been cleared
    • Logins while using modes like Google Chrome's Incognito window, which doesn't store browsing history (you'll get a notification with each login since cookies aren't retained)

*Note: If you have multiple accounts, these conditions will apply separately to each account.
*Your first login after the feature rollout (in April 2024) will trigger a login notification email, even if it is from a device and browser you usually use. After this initial notification, you will only receive emails for logins on devices or browsers you don't usually use.
*Login Notification Emails cannot be turned off.

Contents of Login Notification Email

The Login Notification Email will contain the following details to help you determine if the login was performed by you or someone else:

  • Login date and time
  • Device information
  • IP address
  • Authentication method

If you get an email about a login that you did not perform

please go to the following link:
Receiving an unexpected login notification email

No further action is needed if the login was performed by you.