03/07/2024 - Notice Regarding the Introduction of Login Notification Emails for Enhanced Security Against Unauthorized Access

Thank you for choosing Chatwork.

We'd like to notify you that we are implementing a feature to send email notifications to your registered email address whenever a login occurs. This is part of our enhanced security measures aimed at preventing unauthorized access.

These emails will only be sent if an account login is detected from an unfamiliar environment, enabling you to promptly become aware of unexpected logins and rapidly respond to unauthorized access attempts by third parties.

Target Users

All users

Scheduled Commencement Date

April 8th, 2024 onwards

Service Details

Whenever a user logs in from an unfamiliar environment, an email notification will be sent to your registered email address.

  • Subject Line of Login Notification Email: [Chatwork] New login detected
  • Content of Login Notification Email: Login details (date and time, device information, IP address, authentication method)

Notes Concerning Service Implementation

Upon the launch of this feature, you'll receive a login notification email even when logging in from your usual environment for the first time. Subsequent notification emails will be sent only for logins from unfamiliar environments. We appreciate your understanding.

For further information on login notification emails, please refer to the link below.
What is a Login Notification Email?

How to respond when you receive a login notification email

If the login was by you:

No action is necessary.

If the login was unexpected:

There is a possibility of unauthorized access by a third party.
Please refer to the following page for details and take immediate action.
Receiving an unexpected login notification email

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding this matter, please reach out to us using the form below.

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Chatwork is committed to enhancing its features and security measures to ensure that our customers can use our services with peace of mind.

We appreciate your continued support of Chatwork.