04/23/2018 - Notice: ChatWork Live Operating Environment Changes

We will be performing an update to our system in order to improve the future quality of our service, ChatWork Live, which allows users to perform video and voice calls.

Along with this update, operating environment for ChatWork Live will undergo partial changes as well. Please see below for details.

System Update Date: April 23 2018

Table of Contentes:

Operating Environment Changes

ChatWork Live can be used with the browsers listed below.

Before Update After Update
Latest stable version of Google Chrome
Latest stable version of Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer 11 and above (Desktop mode)
Latest stable version of Google Chrome
Latest stable version of Mozilla Firefox
Safari 10 and above (Desktop mode)

* Screen Sharing feature is not available on Safari.

Permissions must be granted to the domains and ports listed below in order to use ChatWork Live.

Before Update After Update

TCP:80, 443,3000, 3443
UDP:3478, 5349


TCP:80, 443, 5668, 5669, 5866〜5890, 6443, 8667, 9667
UDP:3478, 10000 〜 65535

*ChatWork Live may fail to operate correctly if the above domains and ports do not have communications permissions.
*We ask that users who have placed restrictions on access points please be sure to give the appropriate permissions in settings before using the service.

Termination of ChatWork Live Support for Internet Explorer

Support for ChatWork Live in IE will come to an end with this system update.
Please be aware that the ChatWork Live service will no longer function on IE after the update.

ChatWork Live currently makes use of a technology called WebRTC which allows video calls to be made without installing a plugin.

However, we have decided that continuing to provide support for IE, which does not support WebRTC technology, would be a difficult task.
Therefore, in moving to improve the future quality and functionality of the ChatWork Live service, we have decided to end support for the IE browser.
We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause for our customers who currently use IE as their browser, and we ask for your understanding in this decision.

Change in the Maximum Users for a Call on the Personal Plan

The maximum number of users for a video call on the Personal Plan will change with the coming system update.

  Before Update After Update


up to 4

up to 14

*ChatWork Live is a best-effort type service.
*The number of users who can participate in a stable call may differ depending on the user’s operating environment.

Updates to the Mobile App

An update to the iOS/Android app will be necessary along with this system update.
You must update your ChatWork Live iOS/Android app to the newest version in order to continue using the app after the system update.

In addition, the mobile app version which supports our new system will go live at the same time as the system update.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but please be sure to update to the newest version of the app after the system update has taken effect.

*The call functions on the old version of the app which does not support the new version of ChatWork Live will no longer function after the system update.

We are working hard to have stable operation of service, and we appreciate your kindly understanding.

If you have any questions about this maintenance, please contact us from the page below:
ChatWork Support