06/18/2018 - What changes will be made to the FREE plan?

We are going to make changes to our product that will be implemented on July 18th, 2018, and this change will affect some FREE plan users.

Overview of Changes

Since we need to build a sustainable business to continue providing our customers with a higher quality of service,
we have decided to change the restrictions for using group chat with the free plan.


Implementation Date:
July 18th, 2018 (Wed)



Before the Change After the Change
Users can participate in up to 14 group chats. Users can participate in up to a total of 14 group chats


After this change has been made, users will still be able to participate in up to 14 group chats, just like before.
However, they will no longer be able to repeatedly join and leave a group chat for an unlimited number of times.

* It affects only when you join a new group chat as a member.

Q&A about group chat limit