About Google contact linking.

In order to connect with people you know on Chatwork, you need to request a Chatwork contact from them.

When you sign up for an account, you can apply for a contact in bulk to the email addresses registered in your Google Contacts.
*Google contact linking at the time of account registration is only available for the free plan.

You can sync with Google Contacts via the page below.
Connect from Google Contacts


How to use

  1. On the "Connect with people you know" screen, select "Connect from Google Contacts."

  2. Allow the connection with your Google account.

  3. Select the person you want to connect with on Chatwork from the contact list of Google Contacts.

  4. Select "Connect with xx".

    a.The number of people you have selected will be displayed in xx.
  5. A contact request will be sent to the person you selected.

How it works

The content of the request sent differs depending on whether or not the selected person's email address is already registered with Chatwork.

  • If they are already registered with Chatwork:
    • A notification requesting contact approval will be sent to the other party's Chatwork account.

    • An email requesting contact approval will be sent to the other party's registered Chatwork email address.

  • If they are not registered with Chatwork:
    • An invitation email to join Chatwork will be sent to the other party's email address.

For details on how to request contact after registering an account, please refer to the following page.
Adding contacts