07/25/2019 - Chatwork unauthorized login attempts and password reset notice

We have observed an increased number of unauthorised attempts to access user accounts.

*The emails and passwords used for these attempts were obtained from a third party and it is not obtained from Chatwork.



After an investigation, it was determined that login attempts from outside users were may have been successful. So we have taken the steps below.


Mandatory password reset


For the accounts that were affected by the unauthorized access attempts, as an emergency measure we have reset their passwords. For those accounts please use the page below and reset your password.

※We have sent an email to affected users, with instructions on what to do.

Chatwork Password Reset


※We have sent an email to affected users, with instructions on what to do.
※For users whose accounts might be affected, even if other security measures were taken (2 factor authentication, IP Address limiting, mobile device etc.), to be safe those accounts will have their passwords reset as well.


[Email Address and Password Management]

To use our service safely please follow the below points.

  • Don’t use a password you have used on another site
  • Don’t use your name, birthday, etc. that a 3rd party could easily find
  • Don’t let your email address and password be seen by others


Two-factor authentication


We strongly recommend that users set up Two-factor authentication on their accounts.

Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security and you can protect your account even if your password is compromised.

Set Two-factor authentication (verification app)


* We recommend to use Authentication app as a verification method. 
* If you use Single Sign-on via SAML authentication, you cannot use two-factor authentication on Chatwork. 


If you cannot get a new password


If you don’t have access to the email address you registered with, you cannot reset your password.

Please contact Chatwork support in the link below.


※For business and enterprise plans, the administrator is able to reset your password so please contact your organization’s administrator if you have trouble resetting your password.

We apologize to all of our users for the inconvenience.
It is to protect our user’s data, so we hope you understand and have your full cooperation