When logging in, an authentication code will be asked for.

To strengthen security and prevent unauthorized access to Chatwork, we now require email verification for dormant account logins.

If you have not used your account for a long period and want to log in, we will send you an authentication code to your registered email address. Enter the authentication code to log in.

Verification email subject:Chatwork: Confirm your authentication code
Verification email message: Authentication code for login.

*This does not apply to the following login methods:
・Login using two-factor authentication.
・Login with Google or Apple authentication.
・Login with single sign-on SAML authentication.

If you did not receive the authentication code email, read the page below.

I am not receiving the email with the authentication code (email verification)

If you login frequently, but still need to enter an authentication code each time:

Until the end of July 2023, if you tried to login with Chatwork's mobile app without two-factor authentication, we used [Email verification] to verify your identity. However, this feature was discontinued when the new version of the app was released at the end of July 2023.

Therefore, please update to the latest version of the mobile app (Android version 7.28.0 or higher, iOS version 6.22.0 or higher) and try to login again.