Unable to login to Chatwork(PC)

The login page was renewed on March 15, 2023. If you cannot resolve the issue by referring to the help page below,
please try logging in from the old login page.

Old Login Page

*The old login page will no longer be available after October 31, 2023.
Please take immediate action to resolve the issue so that you can use the new login page.
*If you have difficulty resolving the issue, please contact us using the "Contact Us" form.

For users unable to login to Chatwork please try the following steps:



Forget login email address or password

Please refer to the following help pages.

Email address:
Please check the help page below.
Forgot login email address

Please check the help page below.
Forgot login password



Entered email address and clicked the “continue” button, but nothing happened

If your network is restricted, reCAPTCHA will not be displayed and you will not be able to login.

Please have your network administrator check the settings and add the following to the permitted domains:

  • www.google.com
  • www.gstatic.com
  • fonts.gstatic.com
  • www.recaptcha.net


I usually use the dedicated login URL, so I cannot login.

Please fill the “organizational keyword” section of the URL below set by your organization administrator to access your dedicated login page.
https://www.chatwork.com/s/[organizational keyword]

Example: If the organizational keyword is “aaa”
URL: https://www.chatwork.com/s/aaa

Not sure about the organizational keyword
Please ask your organizational administrator about it.



Entered email address, then error message “Email is not valid” is displayed

Please make sure you entered the correct email address. If the error message is displayed even if you entered the correct email address, there might be an issue with your email address. The following special forms of email addresses will no longer be available.

Patterns of unavailable email addresses:
abc..def@chatwork.com - contains consecutive dots
.abcdef@chatwork.com - first character is dot
abcdef.@chatwork.com - dot just before @

In this case, please log in from the old login page, change your email address, and then try logging in again from the new login page.
Set/Change your email address

If you do not remember your login email address, please check the following help page.
Forgot login email address



If the above methods don’t work please contact us via form below