01/29/2020 - “Old Business Plan” Price Change Q&A

For information about price changes for the old plans, please see the page below.

05/24/2021_Notice of Price Revision for Old Plan
* This applies to business plans and enterprise plans contracted between April 1st, 2016 and February 25th, 2020.


The price of the “Old Business Plan” will change starting April 01, 2020

Old Business Plan price change

This page is a Q&A for the price change for users of the “Old Business Plan”.


Price for contract renewal after April 1, 2020


For those whose contract renewal date comes after April 1, 2020 will be automatically charged the new business plan price.
The number of contracts(licenses) at the time of the change will be the same as the number of contracts (maximum number of users) of the old business plan.


For Example: First of the month auto-renewal, Business 10 with 8 users.

[March 01, 2020 auto-renewal]
Old Business Plan renewal.
Contracted Plan: Business 10(Monthly)
Price: $20

[April 01 2020 auto-renewal]
The new business plan will take affect.
Contracted Plan:Business (Monthly) 10 licenses
Price: $6 x 10 licenses = $60

* The renewal date will be different for each user.
* The contract renewal date can only be seen by the administrator of the organization from "Service plan" page. (The user administrator cannot see it.)


Adding users to the Old Business Plan


There is no additional charge for adding users within the user limit before the changing to the new business plan.
If you want to add more users than the maximum, you need to change to a new billing plan before April 1, 2020.


For Example: First of the month auto-renewal, Business 10 with 9 users.

[March 15, 2020 Adding 1 user]
The total of 10 users is not over the maximum so no additional charges are added.

[March 15, 2020 Adding 2 users]
The total of 11 users is over the maximum so a plan change is necessary.
The extra license will be charged at the new price for the rest of that month,March 15, 2020 - March 31, 2020 (17 days)

Contracted Plan: Business plan 11 licenses
Added charge: ($6 × 17 days ÷ 31 days) × 1license = $3.29
Renewal Price: $6 × 11 licenses = $66


Reducing the number of contract licenses at contract renewal


If you want to reduce the number of contracts before being upgraded to the new plan on your renewal date after April 1, 2020,
Please apply from the following page between one month before the contract renewal date and the day before.


Changing the number of licenses with the new plan


*The new price will be applied from the next renewal date after you change the number of licenses.
If your next renewal date is before March 31, 2020, we recommend that you change your plan after that date.


Please refer to the example below.

For Example: On a monthly contract and the next renewal date is March 15, 2020

[User changes the number of licenses on March 14, 2020]
The new price will be applied from the renewal date, March 15, 2020.

[User changes the number of licenses on March 15, 2020 (after renewal)]
The old price will be applied on the renewal date, March 15, 2020
and the next renewal date, April 15, 2020, the new price will be applied.

*If you change the number of licenses on the contract renewal date, please note that it will be reflected on the next renewal.
* Only the administrator can change the number of contracts. (user administrators cannot)
* Yearly contracts must change their license number in the same time frame.


If you don’t know who your administrator is


The administrator of the organization can check the contract details and apply for various contract changes from the management screen.
If you do not know the organization administrator, please check the following email sent from Chatwork.


Sent Date:after January 29, 2020
Subject: [Important] Old business plan price change - Chatwork




If there are any questions regarding the price change, or with your contract please contact us.


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