How to Use the Log Export CSV File

About the CSV folder

When the downloaded CSV folder is opened, the following folders are shown inside it.
"members" folder
"rooms" folder


■ About the "members" folder
This allows you to check a list of rooms in which one or more users in the organization are
participating, as well as the participating members.
For each room, data such as account information and file paths are available.


■ About the "rooms" folder
This allows you to check messages, files, and members' files for each room in which one or
more users in the organization are participating.


About the structure of the "rooms" folder

The folder structure inside the "rooms" folder is as shown in the diagram below.
Multiple "room ID" folders are stored in the "2-character alphanumeric" folder.



Find the log for a specific chat room

As an example, the process of searching for a log with the room name "Group A" is as follows.

1. In the "members" file, check the "file path" of the target room folder


The "members" file is in the "members" folder.
MyChat is not included.


2. From the "members" file, check "2-character alphanumeric" and "room ID" for the target room



3. From the "rooms" file, select the target "2-character alphanumeric" folder



4. Select the target "room ID" folder