06/23/2021 - This is a notification letting you know that we will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer

We would like to notify you that Chatwork will be ending support for Microsoft Internet Explorer

End of support date

September 22th, 2021 (Wednesday)

Functionality after support has ended

Chatwork will no longer be functional for Internet Explorer users after the end of support date.

To our customers who use Chatwork on Internet Explorer

If you use Internet Explorer, we suggest that you switch to its replacement, Microsoft Edge, or another recommended browser.

If you attempt to access Chatwork from Internet Explorer after the end of support date, a message will pop up, stating, "This browser is currently not supported," and you will be unable to gain access to the service.

The reason we decided to end support for Internet Explorer

Microsoft, the developer of Internet Explorer, has long since stopped updating Internet Explorer, and the same company's other services including Microsoft 365 will end support for Internet Explorer on August 2021.

Additionally, Microsoft announced that it will end support in June 2022 for Internet Explorer 11, the web browser included with Windows 10.

In light of these facts, we concluded that it would be difficult for us to continue providing the stable use of Chatwork on Internet Explorer, and decided to update our list of recommended browsers.


We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our users who use Chatwork on Internet Explorer, and we ask for your understanding.

If you have any further questions, please inquire using the below form.
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Please continue supporting Chatwork.