03/07/2022- Changes to the Support System of Inquiry Desks

Up to now, Chatwork has been providing support common to all available plans. However, with the update in Free Plan functions, we have decided to revise the support system of each plan.

Please note that our support system will change from March 28th, 2022 (JST).

Please see below for the details on the support content.


List of Inquiry Desks

  • Contact for Login Inquiries
    This inquiry desk is for customers with issues such as the following: cannot log in to Chatwork, did not receive an email to reissue the password, did not receive the verification code on the cellphone, and cannot log in with Two-factor authentication, etc.
    *Please note that this inquiry desk does not support inquiries unrelated to login issues.

  • Contact for Usage/Function Inquiries (Inquiry Desk for Paid Plans Only)
    Customers can contact this inquiry desk for the following issues: how to use Chatwork, how to set up various items, and questions regarding functions, etc.
    *Only customers with valid paid plans can contact this inquiry desk.
    *To send an inquiry, you need to log in to your Chatwork account with a paid plan.


List of Available Inquiry Desk by Plan

Usable inquiry desks by each plan are below.


Free Plan

Personal Plan
(not accepting new registrations)

Business Plan Enterprise Plan


Inquiry Desk


Inquiry Desk




Operating Days and Hours by Inquiry

The support content of each inquiry desk is below.

Support Content


Inquiry Desk

Paid-plan Only
Inquiry Desk

Hours 24 hours a day
Response Time Two Business Days or Less One Business Day or Less
Business Days Weekdays Excluding Weekends and Holidays
Supported Channels Email