04/05/2022 - End of Support for iOS 13 to 14.4 and Android 6 to 7

Thank you very much for your continued use of Chatwork.

Please be informed that Chatwork will be ending support for its iOS app on iOS 13 〜 14.4 devices and support for its Android app on Android 6 〜 7 devices.


Support end date

Scheduled for 2022/05/11


For clients using relevant devices

Please update your OS version (to iOS 14.5 or Android 8 and up). 
It may not be possible to update to iOS 14.5 or Android 8 on certain devices. 
Please confirm whether you are able to update your OS as soon as possible.


Specifications after the end of support

Users of devices with the above OS will no longer be able to update to the latest version of Chatwork
or install a new copy of it after support ends. 

Users can continue to use apps that are currently installed for the time being. However, please note that usage of the app may be suspended on these OS without prior notice in the future.


Checking the iOS or Android version

Please follow the below steps to check your device.

iOS: Settings > General > About > Software Version
Android: Settings > About Device > Android Version
*The steps may differ depending on your device. 

If the steps are unclear, please check the support page for your device. 

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause current users of the above OS and we seek your understanding in this regard.

Thank you again for using Chatwork.