About "Search in business card management service"

You can import CSV files from the business card management service into Chatwork to search for users on Chatwork.


What you need to prepare

To use the search with business card management service function, you will need a CSV file from your business card service beforehand.
We support "Eight", "Sansan", "Wantedly People", "myBridge", and "SmartHR".
See the following links for how to output the files for each service.

*Be sure to select .csv as the output format.



①Click your business card management

After registering your account, you will see the "Welcome to Chatwork"; click "Business card management services".
Display the "Welcome to Chatwork" screen




②Upload the CSV files

Click the "Upload CSV File" button and select your CSV file.



③Make an inquiry using the selected file

Check the file name, and if there are no problems, click "Connect with Chatwork Users".


④Select the people you would like to speak with via Chatwork

Open the "Friends on Chatwork" list, and put a check on the people you would like to talk to.
If you want to connect with everyone, check the "Select All" checkbox.
When you finish selecting, click the "Connect with xx people" button in the lower right tosend a contact request to the people you selected.


This completes the process.
If your contact request is approved, you will be able to talk to them.


See the following for other means of connecting with people.
Adding contacts
Linking your Google Contacts