Inviting with a shared link

Once you have connected with a contact, you can begin sending and receiving messages on Chatwork.

You can send an invitation to connect via email. If you don't know your desired contact's email address, you can easily connect with them by sharing your profile link through other methods.


How to use

  1. Open contact management.

  2. Open the [Invite Users] tab and click [Copy link] under [Share link and invite]. 

    * If you do not have a Chatwork ID, one will be automatically created.
    To create an ID manually, please refer to the instructions for setting up a Chatwork ID.

  3. Share the copied link with the person you would like to connect with.
  4. Accept their incoming contact request.
    More information: Accept/Reject a contact

he contact has now been added.

The link is the same as those created by copying a Chatwork ID from a user profile.
More information: Setting up and editing Chatwork ID


How to view shareable links

  • If a person you have shared a link with is not registered with Chatwork
    Create a new account via [Register and connect]. A contact request can be sent as soon as registration is complete.

  • If a person you have shared a link with is registered with Chatwork but is not yet added as a contact
    Users can send a contact request by clicking [Add to contacts].

  • If a person you have shared a link with is registered for Chatwork and is already a contact

  • If a user checks their own link


Please refer to the following for some other ways to connect.

Adding a contact 

Find Chatwork users you know by searching their contact information