06/30/2022 - Important Notice of Changes with Personal Plan

We want to inform you that we will integrate our Personal plan into Business plan from August 1, 2022. After that day, all the Personal plan users will automatically be changed to Business plan.


Why we change the plan

We have been providing services with the aim of building a business communication infrastructure that can realize diverse working styles.
Nowadays, the way people work in the world is changing rapidly and fundamentally due to the influence of the recent social situation. In order to provide higher quality service that meets the user's needs in this circumstance, we have decided to make changes to our subscription plans.
We really appreciate your understanding, and we will continuously work hard to provide various feature updates, enrich the security functions and make the service more convenient to use.


Affected subscription plans

Personal Plan (paying with credit card or PayPal)


Scheduled change date

August 1st, 2022


What will change

  • For all the contract renewals made after the scheduled change date, those customers with Personal plan will automatically be changed to Business plan with 1 license. 

    The price for Business plan is as follows:
    Business plan: $ 6 / month / license

    * The data you are using will be carried over.
    * If payment cannot be processed for some reason, you will be downgraded to the free plan.