06/30/2022 - Q&A for the Changes with Personal Plan

We would like to inform you that our Personal plan will be integrated into Business plan from August 1, 2022.


Affected plan

Personal plan (paying with credit card or PayPal)



Do I need to do anything?

If you want to continue using Chatwork, there are no steps you need to take. 

Your subscription plan will be automatically charged to Business plan when the contract is renewed after August 1, 2022.



How to switch to an annual contract?

To change to an annual contract, please log in with your administrator account, and complete the procedure from [Change Usage Plan] on the "Administrator Settings".

The date you upgrade to an annual contract will be your start date for the annual contract. Please note that the remaining period of the personal plan will not be considered.

*Therefore, we recommend you change to an annual contract on the day before your next contract renewal date after August 1st, 2022.



I use a Personal plan, and I saw an error: “your account is temporarily suspended” when I logged in.

Please contact us if you saw that error.

Among the customers who could not process the payment at the time of automatic contract renewal, those who selected "SMS" in the 2FA  setting will be suspended from the viewpoint of security maintenance.
Inquiries using our form



What happens for a Storage option contract?

You can continue to use it with the current pricing.



Is it possible to use a Business plan for personal use?

Yes. Business plan can be used by one person.



Is there a way to continue using my Personal plan?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but there is no way to continue using Personal plan.
We kindly ask for your understanding regarding this change with Personal plan.



What will happen to the current data?

Please be assured that the data will be carried over.