Can I check whether users that have been added to the business plan have actually started using the system?

This depends on whether the added users already have a Chatwork account or not.


If you have added users who already have an account:

Under Administrator Settings, in the Users List, they will be displayed in either the [Users] or [Unregistered Users] tab.

If they are listed under [Users], this means that they have already registered for the business plan. If they are listed under [Unregistered Users], then they have not registered for the business plan yet.


If you have added users who do not have an account:

If a user does not have an account, they are added under [Users] in the Users List at the point when the invitation is sent. However, currently it is not possible to check whether the invited user has actually started using the system. We are currently considering the addition of this functionality to the management screen. In the meantime, we kindly ask that you speak to the person directly to make sure that they were able to complete the process successfully.