Inviting external users to join the business plan

This page contains information for administrators of business plans.

It outlines how you can add external users who are on the free plan to a business plan.

We invite you to make use of the business plan by considering introducing the service across your entire company.

To begin with, you should make an internal announcement within your company and ask staff members to check their own plan and notify the administrator if they are external users.

Please refer to the following for the steps to determine your own plan.


To check the plan that you are currently using

Access the following link.


  • If "This page is available only for the owner of the plan." is shown, you are on a business plan.
  • If "Plan: Free" is shown, you are an external user.
  • If the "Service plan" screen is shown, you are on the business plan as an administrator.

External users can be invited (added) to a business plan.

Please rest assured that users who have been added to a business plan can use the plan with their previous logs carried over.


How to add external users to a business plan

Administrators can add users to a business plan from the "Admin Settings" page.

The "Admin Settings" page can be accessed from the "Admin Settings" menu which is displayed when you click your name in the upper right corner of your Chatwork login page.

Please refer to the following support page for more information on how to add users.

Add/delete users

Benefits of inviting users to a business plan

・Administrators can manage users who are on a business plan (e.g., change of registration information on their behalf, termination of plan, etc.).

・No contact approval by fellow users is necessary.

  Since contact approval is automatically performed for registered users on the same business plan, contact applications are not required when the number of new users increases.

※Invited users can enjoy the following benefits.

・They can continue using the data that they are currently using as it is.

・They can use group chats without any limit on the maximum number of participants.

・Users on the free plan are limited to a maximum of two participants for video calls, but this limit is raised to 14 participants after joining the business plan.

・Advertisements displayed on the free plan will be hidden.