Configuring a unique login URL

1.Configuring a unique login URL

You can configure a unique URL for users in your organization to log in. This will disallow users in your organization from logging in from the normal login URL, which can enhance account security.

Normal login URL: https://www.chatwork.com
Unique login URL: https://www.chatwork.com/s/cw/ ※ The "s/" part will be automatically appended.




Users will be redirected to "https://www.chatwork.com/〜" after logging in, which is the same service webpage as that for users logging in from the normal login URL. As such, please note that unique login URLs cannot be used for web filtering aimed at restricting external accounts such as those on Free Plans from logging into the company network.


2. Configuring a unique login URL

After checking this, you will be able to enter a separate URL.



After you have entered a separate URL, the URL text will be generated in the "Unique Login URL" field which you can copy directly.




3. When configuring a unique login URL

Please access the configured login URL and log in.