Desktop notifications cannot be enabled

If desktop notifications are not displayed, please confirm the following items.

1) Check the browser that you are using

Desktop notifications are available on the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox V22.0 and up, Safari 6 and up.
Desktop notifications are not available on browsers other than the above.


2) Check Preferences

Select Preferences from the name column on the top right and check the screen.
Check whether the "Notify only when someone mentions you" box is ticked.
If it is ticked, you will not be notified of posts that do not include you in To or RE.




3) Check the notification conditions

Notifications will not be displayed under either of the following conditions.

・The Chatwork screen is active
・Chatwork is not open in the browser

Check whether notifications are not displayed despite not meeting either of the above conditions.

If you changed your computer, you need to configure the settings again.
From Preferences under Chatwork, try turning "Turn on desktop notifications" off and then on again.



4) Disable add-ons

There is a chance that this is caused by an add-on (tools that expand functionality).
Try deactivating add-ons.

[If using Google Chrome]
Install and manage extensions


[If using Firefox]
Disable or remove Add-ons


*There is no need to remove add-ons. Just try disabling them.


Restart the browser after disabling add-ons.
If notifications are displayed normally after restarting, the add-ons were the cause.



5) Check Google Chrome notification settings

Check whether notifications are disallowed under "Site settings" for Google Chrome.

Start Google Chrome and check the following 2 locations.
[ Settings ] → [ Advanced ] → [ Privacy and security,>Site settings ] → [ Notifications ]

・Check whether "https://www.chatwork.com:443" and "https://kcw.kddi.ne.jp:443" are listed under "Allow." (If they are not listed, add them.)



6) Check whether the "Allow" or "Block" buttons appears at the top of the browser

After ticking the "Sites can ask to send notifications" box in the notification settings from 5), turn "Turn on desktop notifications" under Preferences for Chatwork off and then on again and check whether the "Allow" or "Block" buttons appear at the top of the browser.

If the buttons are displayed, click "Allow."

To add, the Preferences menu can be displayed by clicking the name at the top right of the login screen.



7) Check Google Chrome pop-up settings

Start Google Chrome and check the following.

[ Settings ] → [ Advanced ] → [ Privacy and security,>Site settings ] → [Pop-ups and redirects ]

・Check whether "https://www.chatwork.com:443" and "https://kcw.kddi.ne.jp:443" are listed under "Allowed." (If they are listed, delete them.)



8) Check the Google Chrome notification settings

While logged into Chatwork on Google Chrome, click on the key icon at the left of the address bar and change the [ Notifications ] category to [ Allow ].

Reload the browser and check desktop notifications to see if this has resolved the issue.

Reference image:



9) Check whether notifications are enabled on the OS

For Mac OS, you can check using the following steps.
Select the browser you are using from System Preferences > Notifications and check whether the notification style is not set as "Banners" or "Alerts" in the settings screen.

For Windows10, you can check using the following steps.

■How to check
1. Click the "gear" icon in the start menu
2. Click "System"
3. Click "Notifications & actions" in the menu on the left
4. Scroll down a bit on the screen and check whether the browser you are using is turned on under "Get notifications from these senders"


10) Check Windows "Focus Assist" settings

Check whether "Focus Assist" is turned off in the Windows settings.

If none of the above solutions work, please contact us. Please contact support from the link below.