FAQ concerning the multi-account function (mobile app)

This page contains frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the "multi account function" available in the mobile app.


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Is there a limit to the number of accounts that I can set up with the multi-account function?

You can set up a maximum of 15 accounts.


How do I switch accounts?

Please see 

How to switch accounts with the mobile app(iOS)

How to switch accounts with the mobile app(Android)


When using multiple accounts, how are push notifications handled?

You will be able to receive push notifications for all accounts registered with the multi-account function.
Push notification settings can be modified for each account. See below for push notification settings.


What happens to badge display when using the multi-account function?

Badges will be displayed for the account you have selected and are currently using. Badges for the other inactive accounts will not be displayed.


I cannot start the mobile app from the unread email notification.

Your system is not supported. We apologize for the inconvenience.
The app is designed to start from a mobile browser.


The applicability of settings varies. Settings can apply to each account, each device, etc. Please see the following for settings applicability.

Where settings apply on a per-account basis.