June 2th, 2021 - Changes to the group chat limit on the Free Plan

From July 5th, 2021 (JST), the maximum number of group chats in the Free Plan will change.

In order to continue providing services to our many customers, it has become necessary to reassess the services available within each plan. From this, we have decided to adjust the usage limit regarding the Free Plan.

All our staff here at Chatwork are dedicated to the continued improvement of our services and giving back to our users.




Free Plan group chat usage limit details

Implementation date:
July 5th, 2021 (JST)

Details of change:

Before change After change
Users can participate in a cumulative total of up to 14 group chats Users can participate in a cumulative total of up to 7 group chats
  • Please upgrade to a paid plan if you wish to participate in more than eight group chats after the implementation date.
  • If you have more than 8 group chats at the time of the implementation date (July 5th), you will still be able to use any group chats you are already participating in.
    However, you will be unable to join any new group chats thereafter.

How to check your current cumulative total of group chats

Free plan users can view their current cumulative group chat total from the Service Plan screen, under Group Chat Usage.


How to upgrade

You can upgrade to a paid plan here.
*Please note that you will not be able to downgrade after upgrading.


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