CSV export of user list (user information, usage status, 2-stage authentication settings status)

Business Plan / Enterprise Plan administrators can use the user list CSV export function to check information on users in the organization.




User information

Account ID, name, login email address, profile information, etc.

Usage status

Name, login email address, date and time of last login, size of file used (MB)

2-step authentication settings status

Account ID, name, login email address, 2-step authentication settings, backup phone number settings


Steps for CSV export

  1. From [Administrator Settings] in the menu under [User Name] at the top right of the chat screen, access the Administrator Settings Page.
  2. Click [User List] in the menu at the left of the screen.
  3. Clicking each item from [CSV Export] at the bottom right of the [User List] screen will export (i.e., download) the CSV file.