09/06/2022 - Removing the upper limit on a total of 7 group chats for Free Plan

Chatwork announced the change for the Free Plan to remove the upper total of 7 group chats per user from October 6, 2022 (planned).

Please see below for more details.

As the background of this change, the number of Chatwork users has increased year by year, and is used in a variety of situations.

Due to changes in usage and diversification of needs, we have decided to remove the upper limit on the number of group chats so that users can communicate more actively.


  • Current

    Total of 7 group chats per user

  • After

    Access to the past 40 days and 5,000 messages per organization


    * Count messages accessible to at least one user in your organization, also that includes My Chat and communication with other organizations
    * The accessible messages are defined for the organization, so this does not differ for each user
    * Full-access to files and tasks is possible, as same as before
    * All past messages are saved, so you can get the full-access to all messages by upgrading to the paid plan

Other Changes

  • Team feature (currently only for the paid plan) will be extended to the Free Plan
  • The number of searched messages shown will be extended from 100 to 200
    * Results are searched only from accessible messages
    * Search option on the web browser is no longer available

Other features apart from the listed above will be the same as the current Free Plan details. Some changes for Chatwork API will be applied by this plan change.

Please check out here for more details.